Masternode IQ (Vip Club Investors) more 150% Passive Income

Masternodes are the nodes in the cryptocurrency network. They are responsible for reviewing and approving transactions, monitoring speed-ups and user security.

How do masternodes work?

The process is like of a mining process - a masternode adds a new transaction record to a blockchain and receives a fixed reward.

What is the difference:

There is no element of luck and no fraud. The network rewards strictly those nodes that have not received payment longer than others (transfer IQ to all investors equally).

There is no need for more advanced equipment, the most powerful graphics cards or ASIC devices. An average computer can handle the launch of masternode. Many hosting: Flits, zCore, Genrarium, StakeofStake and etc.

The principle of masternode as a bank deposit. We put up money and take interest.

What's the difference:

There is no standard return on investment or accepted value range. The cost of the masternode is 3000 IQ!

You need a 3000 IQ deposit and server hosting, works all the time and you can take it off any day.

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Calculate passive income

Amount of investments
From 500$
Investment period
1 mount
12 mounts
at the current ROI is 160%
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