Step-by-step masternodes guide

Download Flits app from   or 

Install Flits in AppStore ðŸ‘‡

Create a new wallet ðŸ‘‡

Export and save paper wallet, click on continue ðŸ‘‡

Enter words from paper wallet and click Verify ðŸ‘‡

Click Start using Flits ðŸ‘‡

Click New wallet ðŸ‘‡

Find IQ.Cash ðŸ‘‡

Copy IQ.Cash wallet address ðŸ‘‡

Go to the Personal tab ðŸ‘‡

Go to the Fee & payments tab, copy 👇FLS address ðŸ‘‡

Buy the required number of Masternodes on IQ.Cash buying page👇👇👇

Once the coins are credited, log into application, open Nodes tab and click Deploy ðŸ‘‡

Chose IQ.Cash ðŸ‘‡

Select the number of Masternodes according to the package you have paid for. Confirm your actions. ðŸ‘‡

Go to the Nodes list and Start node.
Congratulations! You have become an investor!