Smart and simple investment in cryptocurrency is a multi-chain (NeoScrypt and BEP-20) masternode cryptocurrency for Investors, Traders and Miners. Fork DASH. Users can earn rewards with masternodes, benefiting the entire network and ecosysytem

Recently IQ.Cash decided to create Wrapped IQ.Cash (WIQ) as a BEP-20 token on BSC to expand their development and open new doors for IQ.

WIQ is a pegged 1:1 version of IQ
What is IQ.Cash? concept

Bitcoin and many other traditional cryptocurrency reward only the miners, neglecting the rest of the network, who an equally important role in the transactions and support blockchain. pays additional attention to rewards for investors – owners of masternode servers.

Currently, 70% of remuneration for the block is allocated to investors to owners of masternode, 30% to miners and 6% remains for the remuneration of people involved in the development of the project.

Below is the actual data on the growth of the coin value to improve the system and promote it on the world market.

Designed specifically for investors

Create masternode in 1 click
You no longer need programming skills to create masternode, the system will do everything automatically. You only need to buy 3000 IQ.Cash and pay server rent 1.99 EUR per month.
Constant increase in liquidity
We are continuously listed on the exchanges of all countries, thus increasing the liquidity of the coin and its geographical coverage.
Profitability up to 150%
To date, it is one of the highest rates of return.
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3 easy steps to earning on

Get richer without leaving home
Download the application
Buy the masternode package
Create as many masternodes as you need and earn!
Step-by-step guide to purchasing masternodes
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Amount of investments
From 500$
Investment period
1 month
12 months
at the current ROI is 240%
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The investment has to be reliable

18 years on financial market

The coin developer is a large multinational with more than 18 years of history.

Decentralization network implies the inability of creating sites that have a dominant influence on the other members of the network.

Influence on coins is also excluded as their release is limited, and additional emission is not provided.⁠


Cryptocurrency now has millions of active users in the world and number continues growing rapidly!

The user’s account can not be blocked, and the funds can not be accessed by anyone but its owner.

ASIC resistance

Technology that solves the problem of significant acceleration of network complexity growth when using ASIC (in comparison with CPU usage). network uses NeoScrypt algorithm to solve this problem.

Transactions speed

High speed transactions ensured by the instantaneous exchange of data (InstantSend) across the network. The transaction time is about 5 seconds.


Anonymity of transactions in the system is provided by the PrivateSend algorithm. Users can trust the system completely.

They don’t have to worry about third-party access to data, as the system securely encrypts data when transferring and receiving assets.


Powerful and convenient wallet for any platform



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