About IQ.cash

We present you the first coin created especially for Investors, Traders and Miners - IQ.Cash. Its mechanism was developed to share the profit between Miners as a reward for the transactions and block generation operated by IT specialists and MasterNode by Private Investors owners with 3,000 IQ.cash deposit as a commission for assisting created the server system for fast payments.

IQ.cash coin was created the way so the profit mining is split in proportion of 70% and 30% between MasterNode (server with deposit) owners and miners accordingly. Additional 6% DAO is reserved to be either shared with people helping to develop the IQ.cash project or to simply dissolve once a month.

What are MasterNodes created for? To simplify, those are assistant servers which let IQ.cash coin to operate the fast payments inside the blockchain system. To create such a server, the owner must ‘rent’ it from the hoster and put up deposit IQ. Its cost servers might vary from US $1 to US $4 per month. You must have a 3,000 IQ deposit to make the investment work. The deposit will be blocked by the system, so starting this moment the system is remit the reward for your assistance to the project which can be spent or used to create new deposits and servers. One server and one deposit form a MasterNode!

In case you are not interested in a profit you can unblock the deposit and trade it at any of seven exchanges where our coins are listed. Currently the passive income profit is 150-200% a year but the bigger MasterNodes is, the smaller the commission becomes as the reward is limited and splits equally between all the participating investors. The more people are willing to make deposits, the higher the price of the coin rises at the exchange, so the more trading profit it makes.