Specification IQ.cash

Algorithm: PoW, NeoScrypt (ASIC resistance)

Block time: 120 seconds

Reward per block 2018 year: 23,5 IQ +1,5 IQ superblock (24924 IQ - is a monthly reserved for DAO system)

Block Reward Distribution: 70% to Masternodes, 30% to Miners and both fetched from (Reward-6%) formula, where 6% is reserved for DAO system

Block reward get sliced by 12% each year

Max coins: 56 900 000 IQ

Premine: 7 400 000 IQ

Mining out in: 25 years

Difficulty adjustment: each block (Dark Gravity Wave v3) - starts with 1000 block height

Required coins for masternode: 3 000 IQ

Masternode reward starts with 1000 block height

Privacy: Transactions Obfuscation (PrivateSend)

Fast payments: through InstantSend (InstantSend confirmation: ~5 seconds)

P2P port: 14014/tcp

RPC port: 13013/tcp